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We are no longer offering future CPD courses as SREC has a new education provider. If you are looking to take the 2018/2019 CPD course, it will become available at a later date through the new provider. Please contact SREC if you have any questions.

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CPD 2016/2017: Commercial – Business Brokerage Practices


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The Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS® (the Association), in a joint effort with the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission (the Commission), takes pride in presenting the following program.

Real Estate Update advances the skills and expertise of registrants to enhance consumer protection and reduce complaints against registrants, while delivering relevant information on a continuing basis to all registrants throughout Saskatchewan. Obviously, ongoing education continues to be a dynamic force that is continually changing and evolving. To keep pace with these constant changes, registrants must stay current with the law, legislation, practices, and requirements that directly or indirectly impact on the trade of real estate.

The courts and consumers rely and count on the professional real estate registrant to apply the required expertise and experience to every real estate transaction.


CPD 2016/2017: Commercial – Business Brokerage Practices
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